« I’m Garrett Swann, Santa Barbara native, a now New Yorker, full time realist, a gym rat, a go-getter and an eternal optimist. I spend my days influencing the younger generations with my personal style, poise and panache. A role model (pun intended), I’ve Globe-trotted as a model and influencer in campaigns around Mother Earth. I decided to evolve my social media platform including my IGTV production UNDERCOVERS, interviewing celebrities & people I am fascinated I’m with “in bed.” I am also the Co-Founder/CMO of a start-up mens apparel brand called ALPHX in New York City, former star of several TV shows (Fashion House, Unusually Thicke) and questionable indie films. »


Nordstrom, Bumble & Bumble, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Kiehl’s, Davines, Orlebar Brown, Geox, Profound RF, Sperry, Marriott Bonvoy, Hoka, Capsule, Mazda, Jeep (Drive Shop), Bulletproof, Roman, Mr Turk, ArloSkye luggage, Daniel, Wellington, Spectre & Co., NYSC, Institchu, Lab Series, Indochino, BKR, AT&T, 2(X)IST, Me Undies