«Sexsdreams, stage name for Gioele Corradengo, of Argentine origin, was born and raised in Milan. He’s an artist at 360 degrees, ranging from painting, to artistic direction, to music. He started doing graffiti as a kid and then developed a real conceptual artistic pictorial path. Gioele painted the best boutiques in Milan such as Antonia and Rinascente, while in Venice he
created an installation at the ‘Fondaco dei teschi’ and at the ‘St Regis’. He’s collaborated with big brands such as Pinko ,Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Khrisjoy, Nike as well as the NFL and KFC. In 2022 he exploded as a tik tok superstar, creating a community of 1.8 million followers. At the moment Gioele is developing his artistic project, concerning painting, music, fashion and conceptual art.»


Doja Cat, NFL event in London, Nike event, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Antonia, Rinascente (Rome/Milan/Turin), Destino Pacha, Roncato, PINKO event, G-shock, Munich X event, Cycle event capsule, Khrisjoy capsule worldwide, Need for speed capsule, 1886 event in Arabia Saudita, KFC event, Hublot, Crocs, Bershka event, Nude project event